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Modern pharmaceuticals have played an important role in extending our lives. When we think about drug discovery, we generally imagine scientists in white lab coats... Read More »
A team from the School of Dentistry at Cardiff University has used cheek lining tissue to create powerful new cells. These cells could prevent harmful immune... Read More »
Millions of people have bad teeth replaced with implants. Following the procedure, they cannot chew food for up to six months, until the implant is fixated in the... Read More »
New York University researchers have found that blood collected from deep pockets of periodontal inflammation can be effective in measuring blood glucose. A new study ... Read More »
Researchers have discovered that stopping certain oral bacteria from having access to other groups of bacteria in the mouth could prevent gum disease and tooth loss... Read More »
Zhi PengListerine and bugs in your mouth, yum.
Feb 8, 2012
Richard NoguchiI wonder if this would mean less money for people in the dental business lol
Feb 8, 2012
Obesity is not an American problem. It is a worldwide problem. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that worldwide obesity rates have doubled since 1980 to... Read More »
Mylan announced today The FDA has granted final approval for its Abbreviated New Drug Application for Tranexamic Acid Injection. This generic version of Pharmacia... Read More »