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SUNOCO PARTNERS MARKETING v. U.S. VENTURE, INC. Before Prost, Reyna, and Stoll.  Appeal from the United States District Court for the... Read More »
Federal Circuit Summary Before Moore, Hughes, and Stoll.  Appeal from the United States District Court for the District of North Dakota. Summary:  A ... Read More »
Written by Benjamin Anger and Vikas Bhargava In a final written decision in Duncan Parking Tech., Inc. v. IPS Group Inc., IPR2016-00067, Paper 29 (P.TA.B. Mar... Read More »
Interesting method to harvest kinetic  energy from ocean waves. This power station can harvest kinetic wave energy and turn it into electricity. 
Amruta ThereInteresting technology
Apr 25, 2016
One recent case that seems to have thus far avoided the troll-watcher's spotlight is Unifi Scientific Batteries v. RIM et. al. Perhaps this is because the case is ... Read More »
James McArdle(This is two comment now because I didn't use the entry form properly). And, perhaps more importantly, is the "Myhrvhold-style" trolling actually bad or is it proper enforcement of patent rights that actually improves efficiency/supports the rights of inventors?
Oct 25, 2012
Kumar Nikhil BhaskarMany big names involved here, it will be interesting to find out more as the case progresses.
Dec 26, 2012
Electronic waste is slowly becoming a large-scale problem for our technologically advanced society. Rice University researchers have developed a new way of recycling... Read More »
Most energy generation systems consist of two components: a generator and a battery. Georgia Tech researcher Zhong Lin Wang thinks this is one too many. Along with... Read More »
A wristwatch-like device that measures a person’s “bioimpedance” helps nurses and doctors keep patient’s identity straight. Developed by... Read More »
Researchers from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have developed the first flexible lithium-ion battery. The darling of the portable... Read More »
Everyday countless commuters in a rush home or to the office are forced to find a friend with jumper cables, call a tow-truck, or walk, wasting innumerable hours... Read More »
Rechargeable batteries lose their ability to hold charge with time and use, but have been the only option for electronics that demand a constant voltage. Now, a new... Read More »
For decades, chemists have referred to it as the "trophy" molecule; plenty desirable but excruciatingly difficult to synthesize. In a study published yesterday in... Read More »
A lithium-ion battery that can be painted on virtually any surface has been developed at Rice University. The rechargeable battery consists of spray-painted layers, each ... Read More »
Stanford University scientists have sparked new life into rechargeable batteries developed by Thomas Edison in the early 1900s. The nickel-ion batteries have been... Read More »
Once again, the United States can claim having the fastest supercomputer in the world. The US system, built by IBM and funded by the National Nuclear Security Agency... Read More »
Five years ago Christine Ho, UC Berkeley grad student, set out to reinvent the battery. Contemporary technologies did not meet her needs, small size and low... Read More »
In recent years, China has emerged as the dominant player in green energy -- especially solar power. But despite rapid growth in recent years, solar power is more... Read More »
Scientists considered Nuclear power a prominent energy alternative. It is more environmentally beneficial solution since it emits significantly less greenhouse gas... Read More »
Fusion power offers a safer, more efficient means of producing energy. Fusion reactions are at the core of the massive energy-production capabilities of stars, but... Read More »
U.S. researchers at Purdue University and NNSA's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are perfecting simulations that show a nuclear weapon's... Read More »