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It is officially election season in the United States again and Politicians are talking about the economy and jobs. The buzz word “innovation” has let... Read More »
Young collaborators and researchers at OakRidge National Laboratory prepare protein samples for neutron scattering on the Cold Neutron Chopper Spectrometer (CNCS). This... Read More »
Biomimicry goes by many names. Biomimetics, bionics, bio-inspiration and biognosis are other terms used for technologies that look at nature in search of solutions to ... Read More »
A group led by Tyler S. Matthews at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs has published new research characterizing the unique properties of specific eutectic alloys, and... Read More »
10,000 square feet of office space with 360-degree panoramic views -- the entire the top floor of the tallest building in downtown Berkeley -- has been set aside to... Read More »
Northrop Grumman Corporation was recently awarded a contract to study high-power solar electric propulsion flight system technology for NASA deep space and human... Read More »
Aurora SterlingGlad to hear that NASA is joining the growing number of people and companies making use of solar power.
Jan 31, 2012
Waking up is hard to do; even harder and more jarring when an alarm clock is involved.  At the mercy of stress, illness, bad mattresses, lack of time, and alarm... Read More »