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Nearly one million individuals with diabetes have to inject themselves daily with insulin. Patients with HIV and certain types of cancer also require frequent... Read More »
Cornell researchers have discovered a new method for looking at how proteins fold inside mammal cells could one day lead to better flu vaccines, among other practical ... Read More »
Vaccines are designed to mimic aspects of the microbe they hope the help the body build immunity to. Typically, this means dead or weakened versions of the microbe... Read More »
Scientists have highlighted the potential of a new technique that could act as a safer alternative to an experimental gene therapy against HIV infection. The... Read More »
Researchers from Tufts University have developed a novel approach to clearing toxins from the body. By using chains of binding agents to target pathogenic molecules, the ... Read More »
Enjoy this week’s wrap up of trending medical news!   Rats paralyzed due to spinal cord injury walking again thanks to new therapy Rats that... Read More »
A new treatment for prostate cancer utilizes both vaccine and hormone therapies. It is currently undergoing a clinical trial examining its effectiveness in treating... Read More »
A new method of delivering chemotherapy drugs could eliminate the heavy price of the treatment. Because the cell-killing therapy targets fast-growing cells, it... Read More »
Diagnosing diseases such as HIV and leukemia could soon be as simple as screening cells using an inexpensive, portable device. The new chip can focus cells into a... Read More »
Daniel PorterI bet flow cytometry could be a useful technique in a variety of fields -- could they possibly implement a single FC device for a variety of applications?
May 30, 2012
Aurora SterlingI don't see why not. Seems like it would be fairly straightforward to adapt this for other uses.
May 30, 2012
Biologists have engineered algae to produce potential candidates for a vaccine preventing transmission of the malaria parasite. Part of the difficulty in creating a... Read More »
Here’s the top medical news of this week! Promising new HIV treatments give hope for eventual cure   The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)... Read More »
Researchers from the University of British Columbia recently discovered a possible route to making a universal flu vaccine, which could prevent many different strains ... Read More »
The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), the virus that causes AIDS, is one of the most pressing global health challenges of the past few decades. To date, 25 million... Read More »
Here’s your weekly roundup of hot medical news! Mending a broken heart with stem cells and microRNAs   Just like a deep wound causes a scar to... Read More »
A new study has proven the long-term success of treating HIV patients with genetically modified T cells. Patients who received infusions of their own T cells, which... Read More »
An international research team led by University of California, Davis has found that the World Health Organization's recommendation to flash-heat... Read More »
The sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, is important in innate immunity, protecting against infections, tumors and autoimmune diseases. Maintenance of adequate... Read More »
University of California, San Francisco researchers have used a novel breast cancer imaging technique in mice to uncover new hints to why the human immune system... Read More »
Researchers from University of California, Davis demonstrated the safety and efficacy of transplanting anti-HIV stem cells into mouse models in a new study. The... Read More »
Microbe colonization in the gut of infants influences the child's health, particularly in the development of intestinal tract and immunity. Using... Read More »