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Microelectromechanical system gyroscopes may be small in stature, but a patent infringement claim against MEMS upstart InvenSense in the California Northern District... Read More »
“The fact is that we really don’t understand how any atomic-scale defect affects the performance on an optoelectronic device,” said Norman Tolk, the ... Read More »
A dime-sized device created by a Penn State research team has the ability to manipulate single cells and entire small organisms using ultrasound. The “acoustic... Read More »
MIT researchers set out to better understand cooling that occurs across a liquid-gas phase changes. In particular, to maximize cooling, the group varied the roughness of ... Read More »
MIT researchers have developed a fuel cell that runs on a widely available compound: glucose. And where is glucose found in abundance? Inside the human body. The notion... Read More »
Imaging brain activity by detecting very weak magnetic fields within the brain is a technology we've been using for years. Recently German scientists have... Read More »
Early this week, Northwestern Physics undergraduate Zachary G. Nicolaou reported on some peculiar material properties in Nature Materials. What makes these materials... Read More »
The three axis accelerometers that currently inhabit our smartphones typically measure values on the order of a couple times the acceleration due to gravity -- about... Read More »
Twenty-eight proves tough-for-business... Ever since late last year when we heard about difficulties foundries were having with the latest-and-greatest (and... Read More »
Electronic devices have gotten smaller, cheaper, and more powerful with remarkable consistency over the past few decades. However, that progress has begun to stall... Read More »
MEM technologies have shown significant improvement in microphone and sound amplification. Now, University of Utah researchers are implementing MEM-based microphones... Read More »
There is often considerable overlap between the needs of companies that create military systems and those that focus on commercial or “civilian”... Read More »
This week's high-tech headlines and trends ... New research could create cellphones that see through walls   Researchers at the University of... Read More »
In the past decade the miniaturization of personal technology has irreversibly changed the way we live our lives. Prior to the smartphone market boom that... Read More »
Taking advantage of the force generated by magnetic repulsion, researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a new technique for measuring the adhesion strength between... Read More »
Collaboration between the University of Southampton and the University of Cambridge has made ground-breaking advances in our understanding of the changes that... Read More »
I have noticed a growing trend over the past decade for researchers to garner publicity for their efforts by embedding their (often brilliant) work into some... Read More »