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A couple of weeks ago we released our second annual ANDA Litigation Intelligence Report where we covered the rankings, statistics, and comprehensive analysis of... Read More »
vagisha singhNice points mention in this post and it was very usefull post ,thanks for post
Sep 4, 2021
vagisha singhit is nice and usefull post .thank you for post
Sep 4, 2021
The stage is being set for a coordinated attack on the patent system under the guise of making international health care more affordable. A newly released United... Read More »
As you will recall, in Prometheus v. Mayo, the Supreme Court held that a claim reciting a natural law had to have other non-conventional steps to pass muster under s. ... Read More »
If the UN Secretary General and the members of his “High Level Panel on Access to Medicines” thought the State Department was bluffing when it warned... Read More »
Scientists have developed a process that would make the most effective anti-malarial treatment less costly. The new technique makes it easier to produce artemisinin... Read More »
Organisms are adapted to their environment through their individual characteristics, like body size and body weight. Such complex traits are usually controlled by... Read More »
Researchers at University of California, Los Angeles have worked with a California family stricken by an extremely rare, devastating disorder that attacks the brain... Read More »
Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Yale University have developed a new concept for use in a high-speed genomic sequencing device that may potentially... Read More »
Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Yale University have developed a new technique for use in a high-speed genomic sequencing device that may have ... Read More »
Chinese scientists from BGI, the world's largest genomics organization, together with the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of... Read More »
The Mayo Clinic is launching a whole genome breast cancer study. In phase one of the Breast Cancer Genome Guided Therapy Study (BEAUTY Project), researchers will... Read More »
An international team of scientists mapped the genomes of 100 triple negative breast cancer tumors, the deadliest form of the disease, and discovered that no two... Read More »
With whole genome sequencing, accurately deciphering disease risk based on an individual's genome may seem at hand. But a study by Johns Hopkins investigators... Read More »
'One size fits all' is not a concept I ever found to be particularly true. Most hats, that are supposed to fit everyone, for example, rarely fit me. In our... Read More »
Personalized medicine is medical care customized to a patient’s specific genetic and demographic profile. It is an odd idea to think that traditional medicine... Read More »
Cases in which a newly approved drug is more effective than the cheaper alternatives already available are the exceptions rather than the rule. This is the conclusion ... Read More »
BGI, the world’s largest genomics organization, has developed a new single-cell genome sequencing technology. In two papers, published today in the same issue... Read More »
Researchers at the University of Georgia have taken a major step in the ongoing effort to find sources of cleaner, renewable energy by mapping the genomes of two... Read More »
Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Mass. have developed a new mechanism of drug release. It uses 3D superhydrophobic materials that make use ... Read More »
Innovations in the area of genome sequencing and individualized health care go hand-in-hand. As we learn more about the human genome, the more we understand about... Read More »