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Wright Medical Group recently announced the acquisition of IMASCAP SAS for $88 million. According to the press release, Wright Medical Group (NASDAQ: WMGI) is a... Read More »
The question seems almost philosophical: how do they get non-stick Teflon coating to stick to metal pans? At Kiel University in Germany, researchers are tackling a... Read More »
Prof. Madhavi Krishnan and her co-workers have invented a method that allows them to examine how material works on a nanometer scale. For all solutions manufactured... Read More »
Spider silks are highly desired for their incredible tensile strengths and low densities, but have proved difficult to produce at scale until now. While researchers... Read More »
A Harvard University engineering team has created the first artificial material that achieves homeostasis-like internal balances. The teams' “SMARTS”... Read More »
Scientist from Kiel University and Hamburg University of Technology have created “Aerograhite”; a material with a density four times lower than the... Read More »
The unusual adhesive ability of gecko feet arises from molecular forces between millions of tiny hairs on their feet and the surface they are trying to stick to. In... Read More »
Granular materials -- flour, sand, mortar -- exhibit peculiar behavior. Not quite solid and not liquid, you can pile these materials just as easily as you can pour them. ... Read More »
The accumulation of ice under high-humidity freezing conditions is a significant problem in everything from your refrigerator to high-flying aircraft. For years... Read More »
Aurora SterlingRefrigeration and aviation are great. But, what about the real question -- When will I no longer have to de-ice my car?
Jun 11, 2012
In the latest publication of Nature Chemistry, German scientists have revealed a novel chemical system that displays chemiluminescence under tension. In other words... Read More »
Superconduction and Bose-Einstein condensation are two of the most common and well-known "strange" phenomena in cold physics. On June 8th, two UC Berkeley physicist... Read More »
Early this week, Northwestern Physics undergraduate Zachary G. Nicolaou reported on some peculiar material properties in Nature Materials. What makes these materials... Read More »
Late last month the consumer tech world buzzed with speculation that the next iphone would be covered in a substance referred to as "Liquidmetal." The type... Read More »
Scientists have for the first time visualized the transformation of powder mixtures into molten glass. A better understanding of this process will make it possible to ... Read More »
In the chemical industry, heterogeneous catalysis is of crucial importance to the manufacturing of basic or fine chemicals, in catalytic converters of exhaust gas or... Read More »
BASF has developed iGloss, an automotive clear coat that provides a car with a glossy appearance and lasts significantly longer than conventional coatings. Even the... Read More »
Be it in the use of epoxy systems for heavy-duty fiber-reinforced components, coatings for wind turbine blades, foams for the internal strengthening of rotor blades... Read More »
Collaboration between the University of Southampton and the University of Cambridge has made ground-breaking advances in our understanding of the changes that... Read More »
The less trains weigh, the more economical they are to run. A new material capable of withstanding even extreme stresses has now been developed. It is suitable for a... Read More »
In a paper published in Advanced Materials, a team led by Amit Naskar of the Materials Science and Technology Division outlined a method that allows not only for... Read More »