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The data-routing techniques that undergird the Internet could increase the efficiency of multicore chips while lowering their power requirements. Computer chips have... Read More »
Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced the availability of the first dual-channel PXI vector signal analyzer that delivers high-bandwidth, independently tuned... Read More »
Continental has developed an electronic aid as part of its ContiGuard safety concept. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) system uses the same radar... Read More »
Verizon and NEC Corporation of America have transmitted high bit-rate technologies over field fiber. The latest trial successfully transmitted 21.7 terabits per... Read More »
Apple has an insatiable appetite for market control. Every acquisition, every strategy shift and every product demands analysis from every conceivable angle. While... Read More »
Alvin SchaefferI am curious to see whether Anobit becomes the foundation for the Israeli R&D center or if they'll just be shuffled around into the Cupertino offices.
Mar 12, 2012
Andrei IvanovExpertly crafted analysis piece. It's very true that unless we watch the subtleties like patent applications and where the intellectual capital is migrated, we could miss the endgame for Apple.
Mar 12, 2012
As MIT’s Claude Shannon wrote in 1948, communication methods are bound by bandwidth and noise. Simply put, bandwidth is the total range of frequencies that a... Read More »
  Second Sight Medical Products, Inc., a Californian company recently obtained a patent vide Patent No. 8,000,000 on a technology aimed at helping the... Read More »
Abhilasha BoraLooks like it, though I will try and cross check before I say this with affirmity
Aug 26, 2011
Lalit Purohitwill this technology help those persons who are blind by birth ?
Aug 24, 2011