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IPR Intelligence 2022

    Publication date: Sep 8, 2022

    IPR Intelligence 2022

    Publication date: Sep 8, 2022

    Release Date: September 8, 2022
    For our 2021 report, click here.  

    Similar to prior years, the 2022 Edition is the all-inclusive report with rankings of law firms, attorneys, companies and PTAB judges under different categories (Petitioner, Patent Owner, and Overall)

    We have also dedicated a section to lateral moves for IPR attorneys.

    The report covers 7,030 IPR cases for the last five years (from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2022). 

    We have analyzed 4,966 unique patents and around 77,846 unique claims challenged over the last five years, to come up with the Activity, Success, and Performance Scores for all attorneys, law firms and companies on the patent owner and petitioner sides. This includes a review of:

    • 7,030 IPR cases
    • 4,966 patents
    • 77,846 patent claims
    • 905 law firms
    • 5,626 attorneys
    • 2,471 companies
    • 187 judges

    We have also made some adjustments to our models based on the survey we conducted and the feedback we received from the IP community. This includes an update to our ranking formula. 

    In addition, due to requests we received from our clients, we have expanded the Excel file to cover up to 1000 most active law firms, attorneys, and companies with all their stats and scores for the last five years.

    Similar to last year, we will provide a Press Kit and the firms will be able to have a press release or publish the digital badges on their sites. 

    Note: If you are interested in all our Intelligence Reports including ITC, ANDA, IPR, Patent Prosecution and Patent Litigation, consider Patexia Concierge Program which also provides your organization with online access to various stats related to all IP firms and attorneys.


    1. Many law firms and attorneys struggle to distinguish themselves in the growing IPR space, so we evaluated 905 law firms and 5,626 attorneys on activity, success, and performance, enabling attorneys and practice groups to market themselves based on independent third-party rankings and proven results.
    2. The report equips you with the right information to present to future clients and easily differentiate yourself from other firms or attorneys. 
    3. If you are named in the report, it means you or your firm are among the top 1% - 10% in the respective category.


    1. Many companies struggle to find the right counsel when it comes to IPR. So we evaluated close to 905 law firms and 5,626 attorneys on activity, success, and performance, enabling companies to choose based on independent third-party rankings and proven records.
    2. When you consider the budget for outside counsel, the hourly rates some of the top attorneys charge, and the value of your intellectual property, we feel that the statistics and analysis provided in this report can provide valuable insights and be a part of your decision-making process.  
    3. The attorneys and firms named in the report represent the top 1% - 10% in their respective categories