An Introduction to Evidence of Use

Evidence of UseWhy are we doing this?

Patexia is trying to find commercially available products from a variety of companies that utilizes a particular invention.

Think of yourself as a master of current events. We need your help finding products out there that match the invention we’re looking at.

What’s the ideal submission?

An ideal submission will include:

  • multiple products from different companies that are commercially active
  • references that were filed or published after a certain date
  • explained answers using a collection of references that together explain the product
  • proof of the technical details that describe an exact match or functional equivalent to the idea described in our questions


  • a commercially active product means an invention that has been sold in the geographic area we’re look at
  • a collection of references means that you can use one reference (e.g. a patent) to explain one question, then use a different reference (e.g. a product manual) to explain another question

After a certain date...What’s the right date?

We’re looking for references from after a specific date. Anything too early, the product is too close to being obsolete or discontinued to be useful for us.

How do I get $?

For Evidence of Use contests, we will use a multiple sub-contest prize pool distribution where:

  • we award winners/runners up and money based on the product submitted
  • you can earn money for each product that is amongst the top ranked in the entire Contest
  • you can earn money for submitting the most number of top ranked products

You are competing with your peers in submitting:

  1. the best ranked product(s) in the entire Contest
  2. the best explanation for each top ranked product(s)
  3. the most number of top ranked products

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