Patexia Badges - IPR2020

About the IPR Intelligence Report

Many law firms struggle to distinguish themselves in the rapidly growing IPR space, so we evaluated more than 900 law firms and 5,000 attorneys on activity and performance, enabling lawyers and practice groups to market themselves based on the proven results and rankings, calculated and verified by independent third-party.

The study has been conducted for a period of July 2014 through June 2019 and has taken into consideration:

  • 7,708 cases
  • 4,886 Patents
  • 79,523 Claims
  • 202 Judges
  • 912 Law Firms
  • 2,685 Companies
  • 4,980 Attorneys

The performance and activity of all stakeholders have been evaluated and we have identified up to top 1000 on the patent owner side, petitioner side and overall.

Badges and Definitions

The badges are classified by RANKING (Top 10, Top 25, Top 50 and Top 100) and CATEGORY (Most Active, and Best Performing.).

The activity and perfornance have been calculated for all attorneys and law firms involved in IPR cases representing either the Patent Owner or the Petitioner. 

The following badges identify the top 10, 25 50 and 100 most active attorneys / law firms and the best performing attorneys / law firms, respectively. These badges will only be provided to the law firms and attorneys ranked who have purchased the report.

IPR 2019 - Badges

To calculate the Best Performing attorneys / law firms, we looked at the outcome of the cases they represented while limited the cases to those with one of the following statuses: Terminated-Denied, Terminated-Settled, and Final Written Decision. Then we allocated points for each case based on the following table:


IPR StatusWinner
DeniedPatent Owner
Settled0.75 Petitioner / 0.25 Patent Owner
Final Written DecisionRatio of Claims 


One of the main changes from last year is that we now do not give any points for cases that are instituted since it is a temporary phase.  For cases with the Final Written Decision, we look at each claim listed and compare that to the claims invalidated.  We then allocated points to the petitioner or the patent owner based on the individual claim outcomes.  

*For companies to be included, they needed a minimum of 9 cases (petitioner or patent owner) and for lawyers and firms we required a minimum of 14 cases (representing petitioner or patent owner). For overall rankings, companies had to have at least 18 cases and law firms/attorneys had to have at least 28 cases.

Badge Distribution

Once the 2020 IPR Intelligence Report is purchased, the law firm will receive their badges. 


● Display on the law firm website
● Publish on social media
● Include in collateral such as brochures, letterhead, posters
● Include in presentations or sales pitches


  • To access all Top 1000 rankings across categories, display a badge on your website or issue a press release, you will need to purchase the report
  • Once purchased, the license for the report is granted to the entire organization which includes distribution to all attorneys and staff. This does not include rights to distribution outside of your organization.
  • You can disclose your exact ranking in different categories to your current or future clients to help with your sales pitch. Disclosure of charts, tables, and other firms' rankings are not permitted outside of your organization.


IPR Intelligence Report is available for immediate download here.  2020 IPR Intelligence Report