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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
04256451 Upright kiln and attendant method for heating an aggregate material Mar 17, 1981
04519203 Yarn twisting method and apparatus May 28, 1985
08182690 Centrifugal partitioning chromatography device and method implemented by this device B01D May 22, 2012
06680087 Superior stain resistant decorative floor covering and its method of manufacture Jan 20, 2004
05371511 Method for approximating the notion of a rotatable disk of an electrical energy meter Dec 6, 1994
07328541 Apparatus and method for controlling position of an edge of an advancing web of flexible material B65B, B65H Feb 12, 2008
06907313 Method and system for computer aided manufacturing Jun 14, 2005
06734404 Heating elements with reduced stray magnetic field emissions H05B May 11, 2004
05590548 Circularly knit legged panty having knit-in shaping panels, and a blank and method for making same Jan 7, 1997
07875429 Corn event DAS-59122-7 and methods for detection thereof C12Q, C12P, C07H Jan 25, 2011
05682004 Apparatus for reduction of the grain size of crystalline explosive Oct 28, 1997
06551458 Method and apparatus for recovering fibers from white water of paper mill D21F Apr 22, 2003
05361874 Confined, single shaft wall elevator lifting system Nov 8, 1994
D0353062 Sofa Dec 6, 1994
08003947 System and method for magnitude and phase retrieval by path modulation G01N Aug 23, 2011
05248760 Chemically cured low temperature polyimides Sep 28, 1993
06568582 Application of friction stir welding to superplastically formed structural assemblies B23K May 27, 2003
04711450 Multi-mode exercising apparatus Dec 8, 1987
09721755 Method and device for characterizing an electron beam G01N, H01J, B23K, B29C, G01T, B33Y, B28B, B22F Aug 1, 2017
09552459 Method and apparatus for implementing a task plan including transmission of one or more test messages G06F Jan 24, 2017