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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
08877679 Direct thermal media and registration sensor system and method for use in a color thermal printer B41M Nov 4, 2014
06843130 System and method for the inspection of adhesive Jan 18, 2005
05325265 High performance integrated circuit chip package Jun 28, 1994
06010315 Compressor for use in refrigerator Jan 4, 2000
09810183 Heat exchanger for thermal management systems for the feeding of fuel in internal combustion engines F02G, F01P, F02M, F01M, F28D Nov 7, 2017
08262522 Power transmission belt F16G Sep 11, 2012
09900096 Optically assisted electrical filtering and processing H04B Feb 20, 2018
10005569 Triple flywheel assembly with attitude jitter minimization B64G, F16F Jun 26, 2018
D0342404 Seat for a chair Dec 21, 1993
09111255 Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for determining shared friends of individuals G06F, G06Q, G06K Aug 18, 2015
06696373 Durable hydrophilic nonwoven webs and articles formed therefrom D04H Feb 24, 2004
05934514 Dispensing valve closure with inner seal Aug 10, 1999
09969586 Reel-up and a method of reeling a paper web in the dry end of a paper machine B65H May 15, 2018
08460840 Separator for fuel cell and fuel cell comprising the same H01M Jun 11, 2013
07111203 Method for implementing data backup and recovery in computer hard disk G06F Sep 19, 2006
07144020 Service cart with protective bumpers and recessed drawer handles B62B Dec 5, 2006
09995643 Detection of static tip resistance of a pile G01L, E21B Jun 12, 2018
08335600 Regenerative integrated actuation system and associated method G01C Dec 18, 2012
05811183 Acrylate polymer release coated sheet materials and method of production thereof Sep 22, 1998
08457155 Encoding and decoding a multi-view video signal H04J Jun 4, 2013