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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
09403159 Dehydrogenation catalyst, and carbonyl compound and hydrogen production method using said catalyst B01J, C01B, C07C, C07F Aug 2, 2016
07739117 Method and system for voice-enabled autofill G10L, G06F Jun 15, 2010
05203580 Canoe toter with wheel stabilizers Apr 20, 1993
05702179 Discharge lamp having light-transmissive conductive coating for RF containment and heating Dec 30, 1997
07570089 Output stage interface circuit for outputting digital data onto a data bus, and a method for operating an output stage interface circuit H03B Aug 4, 2009
D0349310 Activity toy Aug 2, 1994
08482651 Image processing device and image processing method H04N, G06K Jul 9, 2013
06113418 Connector element for telecommunication Sep 5, 2000
05484570 Microbe propagation prenvention method Jan 16, 1996
09859605 Antenna device, conversion adaptor, and receiver H01Q, H01R Jan 2, 2018
06926507 Blowing agent delivery system B29C Aug 9, 2005
04817601 Catheter system for controlled removal by radiant energy of biological obstructions Apr 4, 1989
07813216 Reading of the state of a non-volatile storage element G11C Oct 12, 2010
08161266 Replicating opcode to other lanes and modifying argument register to others in vector portion for parallel operation G06F Apr 17, 2012
07007079 Systems and methods for uniquely identifying a network by correlating the network's name with the application programming interface of transport protocol and the connectivity type of the network G06F Feb 28, 2006
06192757 Monolithic micromechanical apparatus with suspended microstructure Feb 27, 2001
08464235 Adaptive production of assembler G06F Jun 11, 2013
D0581869 Cable end connection Dec 2, 2008
08232113 Method for manufacturing and testing an integrated electronic circuit G01R Jul 31, 2012
07296211 System and method for transferring data on a data link H03M Nov 13, 2007