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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
09175626 Method and system for controlling engine vacuum production F02M, F02D, B60T, F02B Nov 3, 2015
09175642 Method and system for an intake humidity sensor F02M Nov 3, 2015
08024152 Tensor linear laplacian discrimination for feature extraction G06F Sep 20, 2011
D0798565 Footwear article Oct 3, 2017
09309838 Methods and systems for indicating water at an oxygen sensor based on sensor heater power consumption F02B, F02M, G01M, F02D, F02P Apr 12, 2016
09475381 System and method for reducing power train air resistance B60K, H02K, F16H Oct 25, 2016
09080478 Oil separator F02B, F01M, B01D Jul 14, 2015
08519970 Capacitive touch sensor having correlation with a receiver G06F Aug 27, 2013
09618381 Systems and methods for fuel level indicator functional diagnostics G01F, F02M, B60K Apr 11, 2017
09885302 Method for regenerating a NOx storage catalytic converter F01N, F02D, F02M Feb 6, 2018
08726891 Stored compressed air management and flow control for improve engine performance F02B May 20, 2014
08464524 Trap for exhaust system F01N Jun 18, 2013
09616340 Computer device, storage medium, and method of controlling computer device A63F Apr 11, 2017
09771887 Single rail combined fuel injection F02D, F02M Sep 26, 2017
09777604 Method and system for variable cam timing device F01L Oct 3, 2017
07743757 System and method for exhaust gas recirculation F02B Jun 29, 2010
08464827 Utility vehicle B62D Jun 18, 2013
09802604 Methods and systems for improving hybrid vehicle efficiency B60W Oct 31, 2017
09976473 Condensation control in a charge air cooler by controlling charge air cooler temperature F02B, F01P May 22, 2018
07681539 Method for improving operation of an electrically operable mechanical valve F01L Mar 23, 2010