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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
09563697 Calculating differences between datasets having differing numbers of partitions G07F, G06F Feb 7, 2017
07840947 Delayed breakpoints G06F Nov 23, 2010
D0519781 Grid May 2, 2006
08187223 Anti-restenosis drug covered and eluting balloons for valvuloplasty of aortic valve stenosis for the prevention of restenosis A61M May 29, 2012
09503517 Data volume placement techniques G06F, H04L Nov 22, 2016
06725297 Peripheral interface circuit for an I/O node of a computer system G06F Apr 20, 2004
06999716 Dual mode radio frequency reception device and corresponding multimedia receiver H04H Feb 14, 2006
09886737 Local-to-remote migration for virtualized graphics processing G06F, G06T Feb 6, 2018
09081583 Compile time execution G06F Jul 14, 2015
09712309 Techniques for improving channel estimation and tracking in a wireless communication system H04L, H04W Jul 18, 2017
06906720 Multipurpose memory system for use in a graphics system Jun 14, 2005
07210073 Workflows for performance management methodology G06F Apr 24, 2007
08001142 Distributed data system with incremental data updates G06F Aug 16, 2011
09747514 Noise filtering and image sharpening utilizing common spatial support G06K, G06T Aug 29, 2017
08655306 Method for obtaining location information for emergency services in wireless multimedia networks H04M Feb 18, 2014
08918435 System and method for implementing a scalable data storage service G06F Dec 23, 2014
07046842 System and method for color characterization using fuzzy pixel classification with application in color matching and color match location G06K May 16, 2006
09883459 Channel sounding techniques for a wireless communication system H04B, H04J, H04W Jan 30, 2018
07890353 Computerized method and system of liability assessment for an accident using environmental, vehicle, and driver conditions and driver actions G06Q Feb 15, 2011
07389394 System and method for performing snapshots in a storage environment employing distributed block virtualization G06F Jun 17, 2008