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09134788 Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including detecting and controlling current ramps in processing circuit G06F Sep 15, 2015
09967877 Method and apparatus for frame exchange in a high efficiency wireless LAN H04W, H04L May 8, 2018
09588764 Apparatus and method of improved extract instructions G06F Mar 7, 2017
09295018 Communication network nodes and methods performed therein H04W, H04L Mar 22, 2016
09625561 Method and apparatus for determining a position of user equipment, and an antenna set therefor G01S Apr 18, 2017
09639862 Tracking the influence of gift giving within a social network G06Q May 2, 2017
09674289 Method and apparatus for optimising telecommunication services H04L, H04M Jun 6, 2017
09635043 Method and apparatus for causing a delay in processing requests for internet resources received from client devices H04L Apr 25, 2017
09538614 Apparatuses and methods to detect and provision for lighting interfaces H05B Jan 3, 2017
09823939 System for an instruction set agnostic runtime architecture G06F Nov 21, 2017
09807810 Physical channel design for network-assisted D2D H04W, H04B, H04L Oct 31, 2017
09716617 Dynamic, load-based, auto-scaling network security microservices architecture G06F, H04L Jul 25, 2017
09929745 Apparatus and method for vector compression G06F, H03M Mar 27, 2018
09319324 Method and system of service placement for service chaining H04L Apr 19, 2016
09632825 Method and apparatus for efficient scheduling for asymmetrical execution units G06F Apr 25, 2017
09817770 Memory address re-mapping of graphics data G06F, G06T Nov 14, 2017
09338585 Automatically connecting a user equipment device with a partner device H04W May 10, 2016
09160651 Metric biasing for bandwidth aware tie breaking H04L Oct 13, 2015
09323307 Active display processor sleep state G06F, G09G Apr 26, 2016
09674201 Unobtrusive protection for large-scale data breaches utilizing user-specific data object access budgets H04L Jun 6, 2017