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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
06605085 RF treatment apparatus A61B Aug 12, 2003
07112121 Methods and apparatus for electrical, mechanical and/or chemical removal of conductive material from a microelectronic substrate B24B Sep 26, 2006
08236557 Hybrid-AAV vectors to deliver large gene expression cassette C12N, A01N Aug 7, 2012
06924467 Heating pad systems, such as for patient warming applications H05B Aug 2, 2005
D0781656 Beverage glass Mar 21, 2017
08447132 Dynamic range correction based on image content G06K, H04N May 21, 2013
09118522 Browser based peer to peer distribution system G06F, H04L, H04N Aug 25, 2015
08708909 High frequency ultrasound imaging using contrast agents A61B Apr 29, 2014
08307177 Systems and methods for management of virtualization data G06F Nov 6, 2012
08355973 Apparatuses, methods and systems for a periodic auction reset securities optimization engine G06Q Jan 15, 2013
08620317 Method and apparatus for communicating network features during a routing area update procedure H04W Dec 31, 2013
09292833 Batching notifications of activities that occur in a web-based collaboration environment G06F, G06Q, H04L Mar 22, 2016
09668090 System and method for providing emergency service in an IP-based wireless network H04M, H04W, H04L May 30, 2017
06683422 Full wave sense amplifier and discharge lamp inverter incorporating the same H05B Jan 27, 2004
07146217 Methods and apparatus for effectuating a change in a neural-function of a patient A61N Dec 5, 2006
08536485 Systems and methods for forming apertures in microfeature workpieces B23K Sep 17, 2013
07698648 Animation of icons based on presence G06F Apr 13, 2010
09799611 Semiconductor device including semiconductor chips mounted over both surfaces of substrate H01L Oct 24, 2017
09997163 Apparatus and method realizing improved concepts for TCX LTP G10L, G06F Jun 12, 2018
07502789 Identifying important news reports from news home pages G06F Mar 10, 2009