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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
D0525966 Speaker Aug 1, 2006
09966497 Method of fabricating nonpolar gallium nitride-based semiconductor layer, nonpolar semiconductor device, and method of fabricating the same H01L May 8, 2018
08891794 Methods and devices for creating and modifying sound profiles for audio reproduction devices H04R Nov 18, 2014
08014742 Methods and apparatus for calibrating received signal strength indicators H04B Sep 6, 2011
07791561 Display systems having screens with optical fluorescent materials G02B Sep 7, 2010
08150519 Methods and apparatus for bilateral renal neuromodulation A61N, A61F, A61K Apr 3, 2012
08205446 Driving unit for brake F15B, F16D Jun 26, 2012
09543488 Light emitting device H01L Jan 10, 2017
08108052 Percutaneous leads with laterally displaceable portions, and associated systems and methods A61N Jan 31, 2012
06687374 Multi-service network interface for FDM communications systems H04M Feb 3, 2004
09606767 Apparatus and methods for managing resources for a system using voice recognition G06F, G10L Mar 28, 2017
09418968 Semiconductor device including semiconductor chips mounted over both surfaces of substrate H01L Aug 16, 2016
07807120 High-efficiency catalytic converters for treating exhaust gases B01D, F01N Oct 5, 2010
07629801 Sensing system for use in detecting a surface condition of a roadway surface G01R, G01W Dec 8, 2009
08102841 Auxiliary peripheral for alerting a computer of an incoming call H04L, H04M Jan 24, 2012
06941682 Footwear with integrated stitchdown/athletic bottom construction A43B Sep 13, 2005
08839642 Thermal solar energy collector for producing heat and/or cooling F25B, F25D, F28D, F24J Sep 23, 2014
06859820 System and method for providing language localization for server-based applications Feb 22, 2005
08155633 Who-called system for detecting and reporting slamdown calls in a mobile network H04M Apr 10, 2012
09299742 High-voltage solid-state transducers and associated systems and methods H01L Mar 29, 2016