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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
08862810 Solid state device write operation management system G06F Oct 14, 2014
07974953 System and method for deletion of writeable PPIS G06F Jul 5, 2011
09158380 Identifying a 3-D motion on 2-D planes G06F Oct 13, 2015
08287691 Enhanced fiber additive; and use D21C Oct 16, 2012
09621725 Method and apparatus for analyzing leakage from chat to voice H04M, G06Q, G06F Apr 11, 2017
08326366 Multiple-antenna system for cellular communication and broadcasting H04M Dec 4, 2012
08814962 Engineered fuel storage, respeciation and transport C01B, C10J, B01J, C10L Aug 26, 2014
09227076 Molded headers for implantable signal generators, and associated systems and methods A61N Jan 5, 2016
07870722 Systems and methods for passively directing aircraft engine nozzle flows F02K Jan 18, 2011
07785859 Methods for displaying (poly)peptides/proteins on bacteriophage particles via disulfide bonds C12N, C07H Aug 31, 2010
08018658 Fluidic adaptive lens systems and methods G02B Sep 13, 2011
09558422 Methods and systems for differentiating synthetic and non-synthetic images G06K, G06T, H04N Jan 31, 2017
09922123 Policy performance ordering G06F, G06Q Mar 20, 2018
06872132 Systems and methods for monitoring characteristics of a polishing pad used in polishing micro-device workpieces Mar 29, 2005
09665987 Method and apparatus for selectively presenting content G09G, G06T, G06F, G02B May 30, 2017
07490777 Low-power hand-held transaction device G06K Feb 17, 2009
07972753 Masks for microlithography and methods of making and using such masks G03F Jul 5, 2011
09855240 Compositions comprising eicosapentaenoic acid and a hydroxyl compound and methods of use thereof A61K Jan 2, 2018
07856314 Exhaustive swarming search strategy using distributed pheromone maps G08G, G01C Dec 21, 2010
08274947 Providing timing reference for femto cell in wireless communication networks H04Q Sep 25, 2012