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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
07447718 Real-time operating plan data aggregation G06F, G06R Nov 4, 2008
07880610 System and method that provide emergency instructions G08B Feb 1, 2011
07128086 Flow control valves G05D Oct 31, 2006
09129193 Methods and apparatus for parallel processing page description language data G06F, G06K Sep 8, 2015
07389444 Method and system for troubleshooting a misconfiguration of a computer system based on product support services information G06F Jun 17, 2008
09792663 User-defined command buffer formats supporting data-parallel translation G06T, G06F, G09G Oct 17, 2017
09735944 Method and system for multi-carrier packet communication with reduced overhead H04L, H04W, H04J Aug 15, 2017
06931414 Creating visual data models combining multiple inter-related model segments G06F Aug 16, 2005
09536248 Apparatus and method for predicting customer behavior G06Q, G06N Jan 3, 2017
09622189 Techniques for fast delivery of radio information H04W Apr 11, 2017
06931414 Creating visual data models combining multiple inter-related model segments G06F Aug 16, 2005
07594020 Re-establishing a connection for an application layer via a service layer G06F Sep 22, 2009
08478748 Directly optimizing evaluation measures in learning to rank G06F Jul 2, 2013
09721874 Pre-encapsulated lead frames for microelectronic device packages, and associated methods H01L Aug 1, 2017
09107098 Near-field MIMO wireless test systems, structures, and processes H04B, H04W Aug 11, 2015
06728877 Method and system for automatically transitioning of configuration settings among computer systems G06F Apr 27, 2004
08616691 Gas removal from a fluid delivery system B41J Dec 31, 2013
07925689 Method and system for providing on-line interactivity over a server-client network G06F Apr 12, 2011
07950606 Electric-based secondary power system architectures for aircraft B64D May 31, 2011
06714929 Weighted preference data search system and method G06F Mar 30, 2004