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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
09721635 Electronic device having semiconductor memory comprising variable resistance elements for storing data G11C, H01L Aug 1, 2017
08053552 Neopeptides and methods useful for detection and treatment of cancer A61K, C07K Nov 8, 2011
08036645 Call intercept methods, such as for customer self-support on a mobile device H04M Oct 11, 2011
06757767 Method for acceleration of storage devices by returning slightly early write status G06F Jun 29, 2004
08462418 Continuous variable aperture for forward looking infrared cameras based on adjustable blades G02B Jun 11, 2013
06987679 Multiple output converter with improved cross regulation H02M Jan 17, 2006
07318087 System and method for providing language localization for server-based application with scripts G06F Jan 8, 2008
06924467 Heating pad systems, such as for patient warming applications H05B Aug 2, 2005
09729601 Decoupled audio and video codecs G06F, G10L, H04L Aug 8, 2017
06517824 Polymer compositions comprising antifibrotic agents, and methods of treatment, pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of preparation therefor A61K Feb 11, 2003
09569804 Systems and methods for energy consumption and energy demand management G06Q, H02J Feb 14, 2017
06536450 Fluid heating system for processing semiconductor materials B08B Mar 25, 2003
06649950 Active pixel having reduced dark current in a CMOS image sensor H01L Nov 18, 2003
09051760 Cylinder lock with side bar and side pins, key and lock assembly E05B Jun 9, 2015
D0815386 Winch Apr 10, 2018
06589599 Easily loaded and unloaded getter device for reducing evacuation time and contamination in a vacuum chamber and method for use of same C23C Jul 8, 2003
09014117 Resource allocation in wireless multi-hop relay networks H04W, H04B Apr 21, 2015
09035026 Anti-CD16 binding molecules C07K, C12P, A61K May 19, 2015
09418926 Package-on-package semiconductor assemblies and methods of manufacturing the same H01L Aug 16, 2016
D0769588 Boot Oct 25, 2016