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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
09332887 Systems and methods for transferring heat and/or sound during fluid extraction and/or cleaning processes A47L, B08B, F24J, F28D, F28F May 10, 2016
09624904 Wind turbine defense to escape high wind events F03D Apr 18, 2017
08323175 Method and apparatus for inducing sleep A61M Dec 4, 2012
07931304 Coin-discriminator voucher anti-counterfeiting method and apparatus B42D, G09C, G09B Apr 26, 2011
08839129 User interface for a communication device G06F, H04M Sep 16, 2014
07343453 Hierarchical systems and methods for providing a unified view of storage information G06F Mar 11, 2008
09625112 Electronic flameless candle F21V, F21S, A61L, F21W, F21Y Apr 18, 2017
09710495 Business rules manager G06F, G06Q Jul 18, 2017
09230308 Method and apparatus for removing artifacts from aerial images G06K, G06T Jan 5, 2016
08766458 Surface depressions for die-to-die interconnects and associated systems and methods H01L Jul 1, 2014
09300792 Registration, verification and notification system H04M, H04L, H04W Mar 29, 2016
D0760423 Electronic pillar candle Jun 28, 2016
07175135 Methods and apparatuses for capturing unmanned aircraft and constraining motion of the captured aircraft B64F Feb 13, 2007
06841418 Multi-substrate microelectronic packages and methods for manufacture Jan 11, 2005
07051979 Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use B64C, B64D May 30, 2006
09874359 Systems and methods for selectively producing steam from solar collectors and heaters F24J, F24D, F01K, F22B Jan 23, 2018
07774544 Reliable disk ownership changes G06F, G21C Aug 10, 2010
D0629414 Portion of a computer screen with an image of a keyboard Dec 21, 2010
09855351 Sterilization apparatus for portable electronic device A61L, H04R Jan 2, 2018
08362797 Maintaining a wafer/wafer translator pair in an attached state free of a gasket disposed therebetween G01R Jan 29, 2013