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08775119 System and method for forest management using stand development performance as measured by LAI G06F Jul 8, 2014
08965979 Methods and systems for semantically managing offers and requests over a network G06F, G06Q Feb 24, 2015
09234392 Drill bit with a flow interrupter E21B Jan 12, 2016
07182241 Multi-functional solder and articles made therewith, such as microelectronic components B23K Feb 27, 2007
07844372 Systems and methods for handling the display and receipt of aircraft control information G05D, G01C Nov 30, 2010
09607657 Media playback component comprising playback queue and queue bypass H04N, G11B Mar 28, 2017
07894174 Method and apparatus for fault detection scheme for cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) integrated circuits H02H Feb 22, 2011
09565734 System and method for rapidly generating color models for LED-based lamps H05B Feb 7, 2017
09455675 Amplifier and amplification method H03F, H03K Sep 27, 2016
07461355 Navigational interface for mobile and wearable computers G06F Dec 2, 2008
07020767 Techniques for reducing the rate of instruction issuance G06F Mar 28, 2006
08931694 Systems and methods for automated benefit verification and application G06K Jan 13, 2015
09990265 Diagnosing causes of performance issues of virtual machines G06F Jun 5, 2018
06936916 Microelectronic assemblies and electronic devices including connection structures with multiple elongated members H01L Aug 30, 2005
10021580 Mobile device validation H04W, H04L Jul 10, 2018
08555080 Methods and systems for protect agents using distributed lightweight fingerprints G06F Oct 8, 2013
06322677 Lift and rotate assembly for use in a workpiece processing station and a method of attaching the same Nov 27, 2001
09009288 Remote power control system G06F, G05B, H02J, H04L Apr 14, 2015
09728098 Interactive culinary game applications G09B, G06Q, G06F Aug 8, 2017
07644888 High-speed aircraft and methods for their manufacture B64C Jan 12, 2010