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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
07487457 Application sharing single document sharing G06F Feb 3, 2009
06748870 Ammunition round assembly with combustible cartridge case Jun 15, 2004
07150007 Universal routine for reviewing and exercising software objects G06F Dec 12, 2006
09041304 Current control circuit and associated method H05B May 26, 2015
D0623844 Sun and weather shelter Sep 21, 2010
07812034 Method of using protease inhibitors for the treatment of liposarcomas A61K, A61N, A61P Oct 12, 2010
RE041198 Method of detecting authorised biometric information sensor G06K Apr 6, 2010
07735539 Fire-resistant smoke-suppressant device A62C Jun 15, 2010
D0678037 Combination disc lock Mar 19, 2013
06859820 System and method for providing language localization for server-based applications Feb 22, 2005
08601504 Secure tracking system and method for video program content H04H Dec 3, 2013
09520187 Electric device having wire contacts coupled to stack structures with variable resistance elements G11C, H01L, G06F Dec 13, 2016
07871038 Systems and methods for providing airflow in an aerospace vehicle B64D Jan 18, 2011
07855462 Packaged semiconductor assemblies and methods for manufacturing such assemblies H01L Dec 21, 2010
09113167 Coding a video signal based on a transform coefficient for each scan position determined by summing contribution values across quality layers H04N Aug 18, 2015
RE042286 Image data processing system G09G Apr 12, 2011
09956638 Electric arc welder for AC welding with cored electrode B23K May 1, 2018
09562755 Safe and arm mechanisms and methods for explosive devices F42C Feb 7, 2017
09962030 Coffee brewing system with features for rapid and/or multiple extraction processes A47J, A23F May 8, 2018
D0820810 Earphone device Jun 19, 2018