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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
08661960 Closed vessel arrangement for safe destruction of rocket motors F42B Mar 4, 2014
08757606 Loading device for coating process B23Q Jun 24, 2014
09962167 Method for manufacturing disposable rotary cutting tools and disposable rotary tool for dental or medical applications A61C, A61B, B23B, B23C, B23P May 8, 2018
07695663 Method of making hermetic seals for hermetic terminal assemblies B29C Apr 13, 2010
09261222 Anti-kinking device for garden or water hose F16L Feb 16, 2016
07996010 Apparatus and method for querying for RAT handover system information in mobile telecommunications systems H04W Aug 9, 2011
09211223 Patient positioning support structure A61G Dec 15, 2015
08989245 Mirror signal IQ-imbalance correction H04B, H04L Mar 24, 2015
08895147 Elastic device using carbon nanotube film B32B, G06F, B82Y Nov 25, 2014
08988352 Mouse having pop-up mechanism G09G, G06F Mar 24, 2015
09165619 Apparatus and method for reading data from multi-bank memory circuits G11C Oct 20, 2015
09236538 Method for making light emitting diode H01L Jan 12, 2016
07574849 Horse mounting aid assembly B68C Aug 18, 2009
08231232 Illuminating device, image display device, and lamp unit G03B, F21V Jul 31, 2012
07812475 Automatic sensing power systems and methods H02J Oct 12, 2010
D0739766 Gift bag for holding a wine bottle, a stored value card, and a message card Sep 29, 2015
09916581 Back end of payment system associated with financial transactions using card readers coupled to mobile devices G06Q, G06F, G07F Mar 13, 2018
08393352 Control system and method for water supply F16K Mar 12, 2013
08667384 User interface for editing photo tags G06F, G06K Mar 4, 2014
D0766268 Display screen or portion thereof with graphical user interface Sep 13, 2016