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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
08302011 Technique for modifying presentation of information displayed to end users of a computer system G06F Oct 30, 2012
07696668 Solid state transport-based thermoelectric converter G21H, H02N, H01L Apr 13, 2010
07969712 Power integrity circuits with EMI benefits H01G Jun 28, 2011
08902310 Monitoring camera device with wireless control H04N Dec 2, 2014
07125923 Flame resistant thermoplastic molding materials C08K Oct 24, 2006
08566911 Method of obtaining authorization for accessing a service H04L Oct 22, 2013
08504419 Network-based targeted content delivery based on queue adjustment factors calculated using the weighted combination of overall rank, context, and covariance scores for an invitational content item G06Q Aug 6, 2013
09597217 Cable driven joint actuator and method B25J, A61F, A61H, A63B, F16H Mar 21, 2017
D0438754 Lid with a window Mar 13, 2001
08332419 Content collection search with robust content matching G06F Dec 11, 2012
08545891 Sunscreen compositions having synergistic combination of titanium dioxide filters A61K Oct 1, 2013
09076052 Radio frequency identification control system G06K Jul 7, 2015
08771543 Conductive reinforcing material, negative electrode material and negative electrode H01M Jul 8, 2014
08944538 Electronic device enclosure with handle H05K Feb 3, 2015
08371555 Splittable hemostasis valve F16K Feb 12, 2013
08729380 Use of porous metallic materials as contact connection in thermoelectric modules H01L May 20, 2014
09702857 Analysis reagents and method G01N Jul 11, 2017
06965047 Method for producing ethers, esters or acid anhydrides Nov 15, 2005
09713012 Methods, devices and systems for enabling simultaneous operation of different technology based devices over a shared frequency spectrum H04W, G01S Jul 18, 2017
08947872 Holding frame for hard disk drive H05K, G06F Feb 3, 2015