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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
08827871 Exercise bicycle frame with bicycle seat and handlebar adjustment assemblies A63B Sep 9, 2014
08148024 Method and apparatus for PEM fuel cell freezing protection H01M Apr 3, 2012
06935400 Pinch resistant hinge and joint construction for upward acting sectional doors E05D Aug 30, 2005
09522510 System and method for controlling web output in an envelope processing apparatus B31B Dec 20, 2016
09243437 Door sequencer E05F, A47B Jan 26, 2016
09351555 UV LED curing apparatus with improved housing and switch controller A45D, G21K, F26B May 31, 2016
09268830 Multiple media type synchronization between host computer and media device G06F Feb 23, 2016
08572077 System and method for displaying information in response to a request G06F Oct 29, 2013
09465982 User identification by gesture recognition G06K, G06F Oct 11, 2016
05522513 Separator disc Jun 4, 1996
08822820 Fixing mechanism and electronic device using the Same H05K Sep 2, 2014
08710382 Keypad assembly for electronic devices H01H Apr 29, 2014
08787539 Method and device for coupling a DC supply line to a telephone line or coaxial cable H04M Jul 22, 2014
09345152 Foam assembly and method for manufacturing the same, and electronic device using the foam assembly B05D, H05K May 17, 2016
09084884 Method for making pacemaker electrode lead H01R, A61N, B82Y Jul 21, 2015
07140333 Apparatus for an internal combustion engine F01L Nov 28, 2006
08929076 Heat-dissipation structure and electronic device using the same H05K, H01L Jan 6, 2015
09018617 Topological insulator structure having magnetically doped topological insulator quantum well film H01L Apr 28, 2015
08691177 High surface area carbon and process for its production C01B, C09C, B01D, B01J Apr 8, 2014
08736559 Portable electronic device and method of controlling same G06F May 27, 2014