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Patent numberTitle of the patentIPCIssue Date
09240206 Electronic device and audio adjustment method H04R, G11B, G06F, H03G Jan 19, 2016
08800951 Mounting device for fan F16M Aug 12, 2014
08931107 Techniques for generating block level data captures G06F Jan 6, 2015
D0587718 Navigational controller of a handheld electronic device Mar 3, 2009
08446270 Alert signal control using receiver velocity B60Q May 21, 2013
08042086 Method and apparatus for verifying integrated circuit design using a constrained random test bench G06F, G01R Oct 18, 2011
08397607 Angle adjustable handle for a hand tool B25B Mar 19, 2013
08495074 Effects application based on object clustering G06F Jul 23, 2013
08934249 Electronic device with heat dissipation assembly H05K, H01L Jan 13, 2015
09308551 Surface treatment method for substrate and housing manufactured by the same B05D Apr 12, 2016
07793548 Pressure determination device and method for operating a pressure determination device G01L Sep 14, 2010
08497568 Monitoring pattern, and pattern stitch monitoring method and wafer therewith H01L Jul 30, 2013
08841568 Electronic device with power switch H01H, H05K Sep 23, 2014
09712033 System and method for stabilizing a voice coil H02K, A61M, H02P, F16F, F16K Jul 18, 2017
07356784 Integrated synthesis placement and routing for integrated circuits G06F Apr 8, 2008
09868688 Continuous process for the production of derivatives of saturated carboxylic acids C07C, B01D Jan 16, 2018
09890067 Modular wastewater treatment plant C02F, B01D Feb 13, 2018
08310519 Device for carrying out a video conference H04N Nov 13, 2012
09718839 Use of physiological cooling active ingredients, and agents containing such active ingredients C07D, A23L, A24B, A24D, A61K, A61Q, A23G, C07C, C09D, D06M Aug 1, 2017
09333653 Automatic pill grasping apparatus and method G07F, B25J, A61J May 10, 2016