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07990445 Image sensor having differing wavelength filters H04N Aug 2, 2011
06399250 Negative material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing the same H01M Jun 4, 2002
08008903 Method and apparatus for regulating a diode conduction duty cycle G05F, H02M Aug 30, 2011
07037827 Semiconductor device with epitaxial C49-titanium silicide (TiSi2) layer and method for fabricating the same H01L May 2, 2006
08947783 Optical combiner for near-eye display G02B Feb 3, 2015
09203424 Digital-to-analog converter circuit for use in a power converter H02M, H03M Dec 1, 2015
06999771 Channel assignments in a wireless communication system having spatial channels including grouping existing subscribers in anticipation of a new subscriber H04Q Feb 14, 2006
09690118 Eye-mountable device to provide automatic accommodation and method of making same G02C, B29D, B29L Jun 27, 2017
05838946 Method and apparatus for accomplishing processor read of selected information through a cache memory Nov 17, 1998
06418476 Method for synchronizing network address translator (NAT) tables using the open shortest path first opaque link state advertisement option protocol G06F Jul 9, 2002
04980032 Distillation method and apparatus for reprocessing sulfuric acid Dec 25, 1990
08390413 Accessory device with magnetic attachment H01F, B65D Mar 5, 2013
08762556 Displaying content on a mobile device G06F Jun 24, 2014
07124918 Beading tool and method A41H Oct 24, 2006
07560780 Active region spacer for semiconductor devices and method to form the same H01L Jul 14, 2009
06429064 Reduced contact area of sidewall conductor Aug 6, 2002
05718264 High speed 3-way control valve Feb 17, 1998
06026455 Architecture and method for providing guaranteed access for a retrying bus master to a data transfer bridge connecting two buses in a computer system Feb 15, 2000
07201079 Rotary actuator for an adjuster of a vehicle seat G05G Apr 10, 2007
04401982 Fluorescent display tubes and method of driving the same Aug 30, 1983