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Case number 337-TA-1217

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Court Case Number 337-TA-1217

Filing Date Jan 15, 2021

Docket Number 3524

Investigation Type Enforcement

Unfair Act Patent Infringement

Institution Date Feb 19, 2021

Markman Hearing Start Date -

Markman Hearing End Date -

Evidentiary Hearing Scheduled Start Date Jul 20, 2021

Evidentiary Hearing Scheduled End Date Jul 23, 2021

Evidentiary Hearing Actual Start Date -

Evidentiary Hearing Actual End Date -

Target Date Feb 4, 2022

Final ID On Violation Due Date -

Final ID On Violation Issue Date -

Non Final (Terminating) ID Issued -

Final Determination of No Violation -

Final Determination of Violation -

Termination Date -

Court International Trade Commission

Status Pending before the ALJ

Administrative Judges Maryjoan Mcnamara

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