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Fresh From the Bench: Latest Federal Circuit Court Case

CASE OF THE WEEK Novartis Pharms. Corp. v. Accord Healthcare, Inc., Appeal No. 2021-1070 (Fed. Cir. June 21, 2022)‎ In this week’s Case of the Week, the Federal Circuit...

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Among technology's previous generation of Next Big Things, we heard a lot of talk about the potential of NFC (Near-Field Communication). Smartphone manufacturers... Read More »
Everyone knows that we live in an age of greater security threats and strange new crimes. Still, the media tends to concentrate on very obvious and tired examples... Read More »
Alvin SchaefferMakes me think twice about using my credit card at the NFC readers when I go shopping.
Feb 16, 2012
In the future, you won’t crack open your wallet and pull out a card. This formerly cutting edge method of payment will fall by the wayside in favor of the... Read More »