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Foreword: To date, the BigPatentData Blog has given little no attention to design patents. This is because I barely know the difference between a design... Read More »
In my previous post, I looked at two metrics - allowance rate and actions per disposal - that I find useful in assessing an examiner and formulating a strategy for... Read More »
No, my site did not get overrun by the pharmaceutical pushers that like to submit "advice" in the comments section. The title is referring to entity size... Read More »
Armed with a 1.8 gigapixel camera rig, A U.S. Army Hummingbird copters over Afghanistan looking for suspicious insurgent activity. On board, a robo cameraman called... Read More »
Pitney Bowes Software (PBS) is featuring a full suite of Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities at Booth C, Platinum Ballroom at Gartner’s MDM Summit in ... Read More »
Honeywell Building Solutions introduced its new Attune Advisory Services today, which is a suite of professional services that combines cloud-based tools and... Read More »
Some of the memorable scenes from Steven Spielberg’s futuristic thriller Minority Report involve the actor Tom Cruise facing a large transparent computer screen ... Read More »
EMC Corporation today announced enhancements to EMC ProSphere storage resource management software, enabling customers to understand how capacity is being used, track ... Read More »
General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems was awarded a contract to continue its cyber network defense, operations and exploitation support of the US Air... Read More »
EMC Corporation today announced version 4.2 of EMC Greenplum Database that can run massive-scale mission-critical analysis.  Greenplum Database 4.2 includes a... Read More »
Clemson University has built a Social Media Listening Center (SMLC), with support from Dell and Salesforce Radian6. The center enables students to monitor... Read More »
Hunch, a company acquired by eBay last November, created a patented prediction technology -- also known as a “taste graph” -- that uses signals from... Read More »
Zhi PengNot sure I like them tracking my data, but I guess it's harmless.
Feb 16, 2012
Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) announced today it was awarded a prime contract by the US Naval Medical Logistics Command (NMLC) to provide... Read More »
  Today, at the opening of the Reinsurance Association of America (RAA) Cat Modeling Conference in Orlando, Florida, Pitney Bowes... Read More »
Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle Advanced Analytics, a new option for Oracle Database 11g that bundles Oracle R Enterprise together... Read More »
Broadcom today announced the 10GbE eight-channel, front panel Ethernet physical layer transceiver (PHY). The new Broadcom® BCM84780 Octal SFI-XFI PHY... Read More »
SAP AG today announced two new offerings that will deliver the benefits of the SAP HANA™ platform to small businesses and midsize enterprises (SMEs)... Read More »
(Reuters) - Yahoo Inc will buy online advertising technology firm interclick inc for $270 million in cash, the companies said... Read More »