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Lawyers wrote a new chapter in the Patent Wars recently when Microsoft and Apple took on Google via Motorola Mobility. At issue were the royalties requested by... Read More »
Nicholas PellSagar:

I feel like a "no use notice" would only stir the pot further. There are two things going on here, and it's hard to separate one from another: First, there's legitimate patent infringement. Second, there's companies accusing other firms of patent infringement even though they know there isn't a case. I agree that IP law in big tech could be handled in a far more mature and professional manner, but the biggest firms haven't expressed a lot of interest in that, unfortunately.
Mar 2, 2012
Sagar Dhageim not professional in this field but can't resist to comment on this. why companies can't issue 'No use notice' when somebody using innovation discovered by other as a preliminary stage.. many time other companies don't have intention of infringement but unknowingly they did. ...rather than filing law suit and patent trolling they can save time and resources...ultimately it shows the ethics what u follow....
Feb 28, 2012
An interesting development has occurred in the current mobile patent wars between major giants Apple, Motorola and Samsung. While these cases are technically about... Read More »
Most of us spend our entire lives building our own personal brand.  We work long hours so to reflect our inner character and establish a reputation of worth. ... Read More »
French antitrust regulator, Autorite de la Concurrence, rejected HP's request that Oracle be forced to adjust pricing on database software that uses Itanium... Read More »
Samsung, Sharp and five other liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturers have agreed to pay more than $553 million to settle consumer and state regulatory claims that ... Read More »
The Italian antitrust authority has fined Apple a total of 900,000 euros ($1.2 million) for failing to adequately inform customers about their rights to product... Read More »
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