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  In the day you begin to use your business’s name and logo, you have actually begun to build your trademark as well as ... Read More »
IP generally and patents specifically, prevent others from using your solution, trademark and design. In this direction, having a patent... Read More »
Trademark registration is an important and sometimes even difficult step towards your brand building but nothing ends there. As a matter of fact, the more... Read More »
Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg announced the Facebook company changing its name into Meta as part of his plan to focus on developing a virtual world. While the... Read More »
Under US law, practically everything can be registered as a trademark, as the protection only applies in a particular context. The primary restriction is that ... Read More »
How do people experience and interact with your company?  If you want to make an impact in the innovation market, you need an innovative branding strategy.  ... Read More »
Less than two weeks ago, Netflix launched Qwikster, its DVD and Blu-Ray spinoff. The Internet balked, with public outcry greater than even for the hated new Facebook... Read More »