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Interesting method to harvest kinetic  energy from ocean waves. This power station can harvest kinetic wave energy and turn it into electricity. 
Amruta ThereInteresting technology
Apr 25, 2016
Typical commercial solar cells are not efficient enough for the research team lead by MIT postdoc Dörthe M. Eisele, so they’ve turned to mother nature for... Read More »
Scientists have concluded that the larger the wind turbine, the greener the electricity it produces. The American Chemical Society has published a study that could... Read More »
Researchers creating electricity through photovoltaics want to convert as many of the sun’s wavelengths as possible to achieve maximum efficiency. Indium... Read More »
In a new study, researchers found that commonly used industrial minerals called zeolites could significantly improve the energy efficiency of carbon capture... Read More »
IBM announced that industry leaders Asahi Kasei and Central Glass will join its Battery 500 project. They will collaborate on extensive research in hopes of the... Read More »
The Gas Technology Institute (GTI) hosted an open house at its new Pilot-Scale IH2 Plant in Chicago, Illinois to demonstrate the successful efforts to broaden... Read More »
In a study of the energy-producing potential of untapped US dams, Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers found that 54,000 dams not currently used to generate ... Read More »
Toshiba Corp. will be developing an electric-powered bus with a charge time of just five minutes. In cooperation with Tokyo’s Minato Ward, the electronics... Read More »
The initial phase of Sandia National Laboratories’ Scaled Wind Farm Technology facility (SWIFT), currently being constructed in partnership with Texas Tech... Read More »
Scientists have for the first time visualized the transformation of powder mixtures into molten glass. A better understanding of this process will make it possible to ... Read More »
Japan is looking for cleaner and greener ways to produce electricity that won’t explode in the case of a natural disaster. Kyocera Corporation, IHI Corporation... Read More »
Halotechnics has developed two new materials for solar heat energy storage involving new kinds of salt and glass. These allow much higher temperatures than have been... Read More »
Navetas has created  technology that should actually make your ‘smart meter’ smart. It learns about your home or building energy usage and... Read More »
It has taken a while for society to make “one man’s trash into another man’s treasure” pertinent to industry. Trash has been recognized as a... Read More »
In June and July 2014, Brazil will be hosting the renowned World Cup. Bold plans are underway for making the month long tournament a sustainable event. Brazil's... Read More »
Mexico-based steel-maker Tyasa is building a compact steel mill that incorporates a new electric arc furnace from Siemens that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 30... Read More »
A team from Chonnam National University (Korea) and Hyundai Motor have developed a new composite anode for Li-ion batteries that presents initial discharge and charge ... Read More »
Hydrogen, the lightest and simplest element, presents an ideal source of power for fuel on our planet. Hydrogen is high in energy and produces a clean byproduct... Read More »
Researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have for the first time demonstrated a method for converting carbon dioxide into... Read More »
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