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Fresh From the Bench: Latest Federal Circuit Court Case

CASE OF THE WEEK Novartis Pharms. Corp. v. Accord Healthcare, Inc., Appeal No. 2021-1070 (Fed. Cir. June 21, 2022)‎ In this week’s Case of the Week, the Federal Circuit...

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Researchers from Tufts University have developed a novel approach to clearing toxins from the body. By using chains of binding agents to target pathogenic molecules, the ... Read More »
The sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D, is important in innate immunity, protecting against infections, tumors and autoimmune diseases. Maintenance of adequate... Read More »
University of California, San Francisco researchers have used a novel breast cancer imaging technique in mice to uncover new hints to why the human immune system... Read More »
Microbe colonization in the gut of infants influences the child's health, particularly in the development of intestinal tract and immunity. Using... Read More »
A new University of Southern California study outlines a specific mechanism for controlling autoimmune disorders with infusions of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)... Read More »
Researchers at the University of Kansas Medical Center found significantly lower levels of several cytokines in children with autism disorder (AD) compared with... Read More »
Loyola University researchers are reporting surprising findings about an immune system regulating molecule. In the immune system, effector cells attack infected... Read More »
A study conducted by UC San Diego biologists has revealed that roundworm intestinal cells, which have a similar structure to those found in humans, internalize... Read More »
Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have outlined the developmental process that ensures certain stem cells will become T cells, immune... Read More »
A team of researchers from Yale and Johns Hopkins have discovered the molecular pathway by which the body’s own immune response may allow for the growth of... Read More »
Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles have identified a new mechanism that activates T cells, white blood cells that play an important role in... Read More »
Our immune system’s communications network involves billions of proteins and other biomolecules. Interactions between these molecules are influenced by the... Read More »
A new finding in basic science should trigger a “change in thinking” about how cancer drugs might be developed and tested.The emerging science described... Read More »
A team from the School of Dentistry at Cardiff University has used cheek lining tissue to create powerful new cells. These cells could prevent harmful immune... Read More »
Here’s your weekly collection of medical news making waves this week. Robotic surgery: Improving patient outcomes and opening the door for telesurgery... Read More »
A rarely seen phenomenon in cancer patients -- in which focused radiation at the site of one tumor is associated with the disappearance of metastatic tumors all over... Read More »
A multi-institutional team of researchers led by The Wistar Institute has announced a clinical trial showing the immune system can fight HIV infection if given the... Read More »
New ongoing research published today in the journal Science Translational Medicine suggests organ transplant recipients may not require anti-rejection medication in... Read More »
An inexpensive new medical sensor has the potential to simplify the diagnosis of diseases ranging from life-threatening immune deficiencies to the common cold... Read More »
A new study provides evidence that a critical type of immune cell can develop in human tonsils. The cells, called T lymphocytes, or T cells, have been thought to... Read More »
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