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Earlier this year we published some of the best performing patent firms of 2021 (Patexia Insight 113). Now for the first time, Patexia has evaluated this data at the... Read More »
During October 2020, Playboy filed a lawsuit against Fashion Nova over a Halloween costume which looked copied from the iconic Playboy costume. Not only the... Read More »
We have analyzed all the patent-related CAFC appeals, originating from the PTAB, ITC or district courts. The analysis covers a 5-year period, from January 1, 2016... Read More »
Earlier in August, we released our second ANDA Litigation Intelligence Report. We analyzed all parties involved in Hatch-Waxman cases and ranked the top law firms and ... Read More »
In late August, we released our second annual ANDA Litigation Intelligence Report where we evaluated all stakeholders in Hatch-Waxman cases including ANDA attorneys... Read More »
Last month we released our fifth annual IPR Intelligence Report. This popular IP report evaluates all stakeholders in Inter-Partes Review (IPR) proceedings each year. ... Read More »
We all know the importance of trademark registration as a crucial step for protecting your brand identity. But what are some of the steps that you need to... Read More »
Earlier this year, we published our Third Annual Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report. Based on this report, we identified the patent firms with the largest growth... Read More »
Patents have been often considered as safeguards for your inventions, as long as they fall under the “patentable” category and meet the novelty... Read More »
A couple of weeks ago we released our second annual ANDA Litigation Intelligence Report where we covered the rankings, statistics, and comprehensive analysis of... Read More »
vagisha singhNice points mention in this post and it was very usefull post ,thanks for post
Sep 4, 2021
vagisha singhit is nice and usefull post .thank you for post
Sep 4, 2021
Since its inception in September 2012, Inter-Partes Review (IPR) has emerged as a powerful  tool to challenge the validity of patents in lawsuits. We have... Read More »
This week at Patexia, our Data Science Team investigated third quarter changes in the number of registered patent practitioners. Examining data from the USPTO... Read More »
Couple of weeks ago, our Data Science Team released Patexia Ranking Engine for the first time by ranking the Top 25 Plaintiff-Side Law Firms based on the data for... Read More »
This week, the Patexia Data Science Team identified the most active law firms representing plaintiffs in patent suits. Our rankings considered two independent... Read More »
Scam artists are getting more creative and detailed in their attempts at defrauding law firms. I was recently the attempted target of such a scam. I received the ... Read More »
Last week we reported the 2016 top 25 law firms ranked by the number of patent practitioners. This week, our Data Science Team looked at the same raw data for... Read More »