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Fresh From the Bench: Latest Federal Circuit Court Cases

CASES OF THE WEEK Kannuu Pty Ltd. v. Samsung Electronics Co., Appeal No. 2021-1638 (Fed. Cir. Oct. 7, 2021) The Federal Circuit addressed whether a forum selection clause in an NDA...

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Nearly 300 million people worldwide live with diabetes, and regular testing is a crucial part of many of their lives. Purdue university researcher Jonathan Claussen... Read More »
HemoSep is a device designed to recover blood that is spilled in major trauma surgeries and open heart surgeries. The device helps with the process of autotransfusion ... Read More »
Snaking a catheter through an artery in your groin and up to your heart might not sound like “fun” but when compared to open-heart surgery you have to ask ... Read More »
Italian doctors are reporting that they kept a 16-month-old boy alive for 13 days as he waited for a heart transplant by implanting him with the world’s... Read More »
A small coil made out of metal wire may be the key to relief for patients with severe emphysema. The wire, called a lung volume reduction coil (LVRC), gathers and... Read More »
Jackie KellySo surprising that having 20 metal coils in your lungs didn't impede breathing!
May 23, 2012
One of the most common challenges facing premature babies is learning how to suck and feed. To address this, Florida State University researchers devised the... Read More »
The “Domino,” developed by a University of Alberta research team, has the capability to perform the same genetic tests as most fully equipped laboratories ... Read More »
An invasive heart test used routinely to measure heart function is being dramatically overused, especially among patients who recently underwent similar, more... Read More »
Researchers at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University have created a gut-on-a-chip microdevice, lined by living human cells... Read More »
Researchers in New Zealand have developed a prototype Bluetooth-enabled medical monitoring device that can be connected wirelessly to your smartphone and keep track... Read More »
A team of researchers at the University of California, Davis, led by Tingeui Pan, a professor of biomedical engineering, have developed a new type... Read More »