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Treating eye disease is especially tricky because the eye is a complex place. In a recent study, Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University researchers... Read More »
A dime-sized device created by a Penn State research team has the ability to manipulate single cells and entire small organisms using ultrasound. The “acoustic... Read More »
Unique patterns generate when two immiscible fluids flow together and this has been a factor for scientists to develop a new tool for studying tiny... Read More »
A study published this week in Science demonstrates the potential of free-electron lasers (FEL) to obtain high-resolution structural insight into macromolecules. An... Read More »
Today’s launch of Instruct, a distributed research infrastructure for structural biology, will give scientists across Europe access to a portfolio of... Read More »
University at Buffalo (UB) researchers are expressing concern about a new, under-recognized, more potent variant of a common bacterium.  "Historically, in... Read More »