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Could 3D printing be the key to engineering 3D tissue structures, such as full-size human organs for use in transplants? Bioengineers have long been able to grow... Read More »
Here's your weekly roundup of hot medical news... Kidney transplant breakthroughs   For the first time, a kidney that had been donated to... Read More »
For the first time, a kidney that had been donated to one patient was removed and implanted into a new patient, after it failed in the first transplant recipient. Ray ... Read More »
Today, the details of the most extensive full face transplant completed to date, including both jaws, teeth, and tongue, were released. The 36-hour operation occurred ... Read More »
People with kidney failure may think that they're better off getting a new kidney from a young donor, but a recent study indicates that for those over 39, the age ... Read More »
A team from the School of Dentistry at Cardiff University has used cheek lining tissue to create powerful new cells. These cells could prevent harmful immune... Read More »
Among patients with end-stage renal disease undergoing living-related kidney transplants, using bone-marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells (cells that can... Read More »
Here’s your weekly collection of medical news making waves this week. Robotic surgery: Improving patient outcomes and opening the door for telesurgery... Read More »
New ongoing research published today in the journal Science Translational Medicine suggests organ transplant recipients may not require anti-rejection medication in... Read More »
Living kidney donors are at no greater risk of heart disease than the healthy general population, finds a study published on today. In the general population, ... Read More »
Mayo Clinic researchers have confirmed the excellent accuracy of ultrasound-based transient elastography (TE) in diagnosing cirrhosis of the liver due to the... Read More »
An unfortunate side effect of some organ transplants is deafness caused by antibiotics and anti-rejection drugs. Now researchers have found that cochlear implants to... Read More »
Researchers from the UK determined that preoperative cardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET) is a predictor of 90-day survival following liver transplantation. Study... Read More »
When you hurt yourself when you were a kid, chances are your parents put an adhesive bandage over the spot, whether you were bleeding or not. Chances are the trick... Read More »
Six thousand people have died from lack of suitable bone marrow donations in the two years since Doreen Flynn, the mother of three daughters whose rare genetic... Read More »
Since the first organ transplant in 1954, immunosuppressive drugs and advanced surgical techniques have greatly improved the long-term success of organ... Read More »