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While certainly not the only company embarking down the path towards licensing and litigation revenue, Freescale Semiconductors (NYSE: FSL) seems to be showing an... Read More »
This week's high-tech headlines and trends ... The secret high-tech augment reality arms race Bionic contact lenses, augmented reality glasses and... Read More »
In mythology, trolls are often portrayed as large brutes with little creativity and even worse manners who enjoy devouring innocent people.  In stories and songs ... Read More »
What began as the threat of a Yahoo patent jackal coveting the Facebook lion's share soon flashed fangs as a lawsuit on March 12, 2012, with Yahoo... Read More »
Nokia has sold off over 450 patents to Sisvel, a company infamous in tech circles for aggressive action against IP ‘infringers’ -- up to and including... Read More »
In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the Gods and gave it to mankind. In the realm of patents and medical technology, Prometheus Laboratories has turned... Read More »
This past July saw the largest patent auction held so far in US history. Nortel, a telecommunications equipment manufacturer, had more than 6,000 patents in its... Read More »
Google buys Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. and its patent portfolio for USD 12.5 billion. And this is understood to be the search giant’s biggest business... Read More »
Gena PatentAlthough its entry into the patent-war big leagues didn't start out very smoothly, perhaps Google is better off now with the IBM and Motorola portfolios than with the Nortel patents. It will certainly have more patents at its disposal now than if it had bid higher than Pi at the Nortel auction.
Aug 23, 2011