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When UCLA researcher Yang Yang looks out a window, he sees opportunity. Yang's focus isn't on what's beyond the window, but the window itself --... Read More »
Mastery of nanotechnology has led researchers to extensively develop materials with consistent electronic properties under flexion. Shear has always presented new... Read More »
In the latest publication of Nature Chemistry, German scientists have revealed a novel chemical system that displays chemiluminescence under tension. In other words... Read More »
Researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara, along with Scripps Research Institute and Sanford-Burnham Institute, have developed synthetic blood... Read More »
Block co-polymers are materials that are made of several different monomer components, and can fabricated to have unique properties as a result. Block co-polymers... Read More »
The speed that electronics like your cell phone can achieve is largely governed by how fast electrons can move about within the transistors that make up its... Read More »
Virginia Commonwealth University scientists have developed a “sponge-like” porous material to purify natural gas and store hydrogen gas to be used in... Read More »
Kuraray Co., Ltd. (President Fumio Ito; Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announces its first-ever participation in Paint India 2012, an exhibition that will commence... Read More »
For years, biologists have been amazed by the power of gecko feet, which let these 5-ounce lizards produce an adhesive force roughly equivalent to carrying nine... Read More »
In a new study, researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science and UCLA's California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI) report that... Read More »