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CNN Sued by FreePlay Music Over Alleged Copyright Infringement Facing a $17.4 Million Lawsuit

  Just last week, CNN made headlines by being in the center of them instead of being behind them as usual. The Rolling Stone magazine broke the news that the Cable News Network...

Fresh From the Bench: Latest Federal Circuit Court Case

CASE OF THE WEEK Treehouse Avatar LLC v. Valve Corp., Appeal No. 2022-1171 (Fed. Cir. Nov. 30, 2022) In the only precedential patent opinion issued by the Federal Circuit this week...

Female Entrepreneurs are Building Lifechanging Businesses. They Need Intellectual Property Protections to Do it.

As a woman who has spent her career as a serial entrepreneur and fighter for women entrepreneurs, I was appalled to read a recent letter from 100 members of Congress calling on Health...

Expert Testimony Inconsistent With Agreed-Upon Claim Construction Is Properly Stricken

Written by: Brianne M. Kingery & Jeremy Anapol TREEHOUSE AVATAR LLC v. VALVE CORPORATION Before Lourie, Reyna, and Stoll. Appeal from the U.S. District Court for the Western ...

Patent Experts Urge Kanter to Reject Calls to Scrap Avanci Business Review Letter

“The authors of the November 30 letter argue that the October 17 letter ‘perpetuates long-standing misunderstandings by some academics, policy activists, and companies, who ...

Patexia Insight 161: Top CAFC Law Firms of 2022

In late October, we released our second annual CAFC Intelligence Report. The report provided high-level statistics and insights and evaluated the stakeholders participating in the...

"They've Helped Themselves to My Artwork..." Banksy Accuses GUESS

  “Attention All Shoplifters…” Another guerrilla marketing strategy or unintentional (intentional) copyright infringement? This fall/winter 2022...

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On March 23, Auris Health, Inc. announced FDA clearance for the Monarch Platform, Auris’ new system for robotic endoscopy. According to Auris Health, the... Read More »
The elephant on the production line is robotics. Not will robots raid manufacturing plants and steal jobs, but rather will the U.S. adopt and adapt fast enough to... Read More »
DARPA, responsible for advanced research for the DoD, recently engaged a team of Harvard-led researchers to explore the feasibility of creating “soft”... Read More »
Stompy the giant robot hexapod has been, well... stomping around the internet lately, and has now made its way to the IEEE Spectrum website. The brainchild of... Read More »
Replacing cheap labor with a million robots is a curious fix to China’s economic downturn. Especially when that cheap labor is employed by a Chinese growth... Read More »
Even the highest quality television can easily seem unrealistic. One primary reason for this, that camera movements are unsurprisingly unlike the human eye's, is... Read More »
Robots now have the sense of touch, thanks to University of Southern California researchers Jeremy Fishel and Gerald Loeb. The robotic fingers are modeled after our... Read More »
Ann ConkleSeems like programming these robots to detect textures humans prefer would be relatively simple compared to the other complex tasks they have already accomplished. Very exciting work!
Jun 21, 2012
A robot analogous to a child between 6 and 14 months old can develop rudimentary linguistic skills through interaction with a human participant. Researchers from the... Read More »
Ann ConkleWow. I am curious how the think the reverse of this -- using robot language acquisition to inform our understanding of human language acquisition -- will work.
Jun 14, 2012
No news is Google news Owner and operator of everybody's favorite internet text field, Google, continues to make news as it branches farther away from its... Read More »
Here’s your weekly roundup of exciting medical news. Paralyzed people control robotic arms directly with brain activity A new study in Nature... Read More »
  Researchers at MIT and the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new automated process to get a glimpse at the inner workings of brain cells... Read More »
Textron Defense Systems, an operating unit of Textron Inc.’s Textron Systems, and Hydronalix announced today that the organizations have teamed to develop small ... Read More »
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies have advanced tremendously thanks to their successful development and use in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. These machines, ... Read More »
Alvin SchaefferApparently some man was arrested today with drone evidence too in North Dakota.
Apr 10, 2012
Anonymous Interesting that these sorts of decisions are being made under the radar. A webinar today, drones in the streets years from now.
Apr 10, 2012
One of the things about new technologies is that although they may be difficult for an older generation to understand and use properly, those who’ve grown... Read More »
Here's this week's high-tech trends that either made headlines or went under the radar! Facebook countersuit seizes the Yahoo gauntlet and backhands the... Read More »
Navy unmanned aircraft will be able to distinguish small pirate boats from other vessels when an Office of Naval Research (ONR)-funded sensor starts airborne tests... Read More »
From the beginning of science fiction, robots have often been a central plot point, striving to destroy us. But, seeing how we treated these machines as both slaves... Read More »
Robot squirrels from UC Davis are being sent near San Jose to continue a research project on the interaction between squirrels and rattlesnakes. Robot squirrels in... Read More »
Sooner than later, robots may have the ability to 'feel.' Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)... Read More »
Tune into the trends that are shaping the high-tech industry this week! Computer identifies liars at a much higher rate than experienced interrogators... Read More »
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