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Fresh From the Bench: Latest Federal Circuit Court Case

CASE OF THE WEEK Kyocera Senco Industrial Tools Inc. v. International Trade Commission, Appeal No. 2020-1046, -2050 (Fed. Cir. Jan. 21, 2022) The Federal Circuit’s only...

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Synergy Dairy owner John Noble has will not only be selling milk to local cheese factories this year, but has also incorporated cow manure as an added opportunity... Read More »
The nation's current electric grid is so backward and inflexible that to integrate more sources of renewable energy ironically requires more power plants... Read More »
Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (Mitsubishi Electric) have completed the development and begun... Read More »
GE has built up an arsenal of solutions to tackle energy problems lately. The company’s flexible power plants like FlexEfficiency 50 or jet-fired aeroderivative ... Read More »
Since Japan's Tohoku earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, the country has been in an energy crisis. All but two of Japan's 54... Read More »
Smart grids are the future of electrical distribution. The current electrical grid is a bit like water. There's a certain amount of power on the grid and it flows ... Read More »
Some of the memorable scenes from Steven Spielberg’s futuristic thriller Minority Report involve the actor Tom Cruise facing a large transparent computer screen ... Read More »
The Mayor of Barcelona, Xavier Trias, and the Cisco Chairman and CEO, John Chambers, announced a strategic collaboration agreement today to launch a number of... Read More »
From growing algae-based petroleum that eats carbon dioxide, to a “smart” energy grid that manages electricity consumption and storage as efficiently as... Read More »
Imagine a home or office where every appliance can carry on a minute-by-minute "conversation" with the local power grid, allowing devices to power down when ... Read More »
  By Tom Hals and Roberta Rampton               (Reuters) - Beacon Power Corp filed for bankruptcy on Sunday, just ... Read More »