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Fresh From the Bench: Latest Federal Circuit Court Cases

CASES OF THE WEEK Indivior UK Ltd. v. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories S.A., Appeal Nos. 2020-2073, -2142 (Fed. Cir. Nov. 24, 2021) Our Case of the Week this week focuses on the...

Lack of Written-Description Support for Claimed Ranges Makes Parent Application Prior Art

INDIVIOR UK LIMITED v. DR. REDDY'S LABORATORIES S.A. Before Lourie, Linn, and Dyk.  Appeal from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Summary: Claims of a continuation...

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Leonard PrietThe IP angle on the Rio+20 story is interesting, but I didn't hear about it at all in the news. Is this just a problem that the first world is ignoring because it doesn't really affect us?
Jul 2, 2012
Russell McOrmondThe United States did not honour foreign copyright while they were a developing nation. I do not see how having different levels of intellectual monopoly policy in different countries can ever be seen as a form of "foreign aid". Those taking risks based on the presumption of intellectual monopolies should not be presuming a global monopoly. In fact, they shouln't be presuming any specific monopoly in any country, given we may eventually move away from the presumption based to an evidence based policy setting to determine the right level of intellectual monopolies.
Jul 3, 2012
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