Serial No. 90031224
Filing date Jul 1, 2020

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Computer hardware; downloadable computer software for operating an autonomous vehicle; downloadable computer software for vehicle navigation; downloadable computer software for vehicle fleet management; downloadable computer software for coordinating, sche Land vehicles; automobiles; trucks; freight vehicles, namely, trucks and vans; mass transit vehicles; autonomous cars; autonomous land vehicles; vehicle parts and fittings, namely, structural parts for automobiles and steering units for land vehicles and p Transportation services, namely, fuel management services in the field of trucking and vehicle fleets; transportation services, namely, business management relating to vehicles; transportation services, namely, tracking, locating, and monitoring of vehicle Passenger transportation services; transportation services, namely, making reservations and bookings for transportation; transportation of passengers by vehicle; transportation services, namely, providing temporary use of vehicles; passenger transportation Providing online software services, namely, providing non-downloadable software for transportation services, namely, coordinating, scheduling, booking, and dispatching autonomous vehicles; providing online software services for coordinating freight transpo

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Jul 1, 2020

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Waymo LLC

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Craig A. Beaker

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Perkins Coie

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Service Mark