Serial No. 90521129
Filing date Feb 9, 2021

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Goods and Services

Loading and unloading pallets of metal; metal turn-tables for load handling; Storage pallets of metal; metal traversers for load handling; general purpose metal containers for storage or transport; industrial packaging containers of metal; chests of metal; Concrete construction machines; loading and unloading machines; moving sidewalks; elevators and parts of elevators; machine operated platforms capable of elevation above ground level and used for storage; Lifting installations for the transport of persons Electronic parking lot ticket dispensers; coin-operated mechanisms for operating gates for car parking lots; parking meters; humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; bipedal walking humanoid robots, not including those for industrial use, medical use, Medical apparatus and instruments, namely medical apparatus for assisting walking; wheeled stretchers; knee supports for medical purposes; ankle supports for medical purposes; belts for medical purposes; massage apparatus for medical purposes; artificial l Tow trucks; aerial conveyors; automatically guided (driverless) material handling tractors; Automatic guided vehicles; anti-theft alarms for vehicles; motors for land vehicles; railway cars; automobiles and their structural parts; vehicles containing kitch Storage containers made of paper; industrial packaging containers of paper or cardboard; corrugated cardboard boxes; bags of paper for packaging; plastic bags for packing; garbage bags of paper; Garbage bags of plastic; baggage tags of paper; paper and car Loading pallets, not of metal; general purpose containers not of metal for storage or transport; collapsible storage containers, not of metal; shipping containers of plastic; shipping containers of wood; chests, not of metal; wooden, bamboo or plastic pack Confectionery made from fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts; Edible fats and oils; dairy products, namely, dairy-based spread, dairy-based beverages; meat; eggs; seafood, not live; frozen seafood; frozen vegetables; frozen fruits; meat products, namely, bee Tea; coffee, cocoa; ice; confectionery not made from fruits, vegetables, beans or nuts; bread; sandwiches; Chinese manju; hamburgers, pizza; hot dog sandwiches, meat pies; seasoning; spices; ice cream mixes; sorbet mixes; coffee beans; processed grain prod Fresh flower wreath; unprocessed hops; live seafood; unprocessed seaweed; fresh vegetables; unprocessed vegetables; unprocessed sugar crops; fresh fruit; malt for brewing and distilling; Unprocessed grains, namely millet, buckwheat, corn, Japanese millet, Advertising services; arranging and conducting of fairs and exhibitions for business and advertising purposes; arranging and conducting marketing promotional events for others; conducting virtual trade show exhibitions online; marketing and promotional ser Building construction; construction and maintenance services relating to civil engineering; warehouse construction and repair; refurbishment of warehouses; installation of electrical apparatus or generators; Electrical contracting; installation, maintenanc Vehicle transport and rental services; Providing vehicle operation information; arranging of transport and travel; transportation services in relation to events; storage, transport, pick-up, and packing of freight; cargo delivery services; transportation, Food processing services; providing information in the field of food manufacturing; processing of beverage; processing of raw materials for the manufacture of food and beverages; food and drink preservation; recycling; waste treatment (transformation); pro Educational and instruction services relating to arts, crafts, sports or general knowledge; educational consultancy; educational and instruction services relating to solar power generations and fuel cells; planning, management or holding of seminars; provi Providing weather information; architectural design; surveying; urban planning; design of machines, apparatus and instruments; engineering services in the field of energy technology; design and development of energy distribution networks; design and develo Providing temporary housing accommodation; accommodation bureaux services (hotels, boarding houses); providing foods and beverages; providing information on foods and beverages; Reservation of restaurants; serving food and drink in restaurants and bars; ca Providing hot tub facilities; providing bath houses; providing hot-spring facilities; garden or flower bed care; garden tree planting; fertilizer spreading; Lawn mowing services; cultivation of plants; garden design; weed killing; Provision of medical info Rental of safes; security guarding for facilities; personal body guarding; security guard services for buildings; Monitoring of fire alarms; emergency alert services; fire-fighting; security services relating to vehicles; day and night guard services; Stol

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Feb 9, 2021

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Attorney of Record

Christopher I. Donahue

Christopher I. Donahue

Law Firm

Oblon, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt, L.L.P.

Description of Mark

The mark consists of non-shaded interwoven strands forming two concentric square shapes against a shaded square background.

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Service Mark