Serial No. 90566312
Filing date Mar 8, 2021

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Goods and Services

Pharmaceuticals for the treatment of hepatitis; antivirals; pharmaceuticals for use in the treatment of infectious diseases; pharmaceuticals for the treatment of liver diseases Information and advisory services relating to pharmaceuticals, diseases and medical conditions and treatments, including such services provided on-line from a computer network or the Internet; providing information and advisory services regarding hepatitis

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Filing Date

Mar 8, 2021

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Published For Opposition Date

Feb 1, 2022


Gilead Sciences

Attorney of Record

Gretchen R. Stroud

Gretchen R. Stroud

Gretchen R. Stroud

Gretchen R. Stroud

Law Firm

Gilead Sciences

Description of Mark

The mark consists of two stripes, one slightly above and to the right of the other.

Type of Mark

Service Mark