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Filing date Dec 15, 2021

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LP records; Compact discs containing music; Digital music downloadable from the internet; Digital music videos and concerts downloadable from the internet; Downloadable television shows, movies and video clips; DVDs containing recordings of television show Printed matter namely, posters, stickers, decals, calendars, poster books, albums, autograph books, folders, address books, appointment books, tour books, art pictures, art papers, banners, binders, pens, book covers, colouring books, song books, notebooks Bottle openers; Lunchboxes; Clothes pins Clothing, namely shirts, jackets, vests, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters, tank-tops, hats, socks, ties, scarves, shorts, skirts, pants, underwear, pullovers, blouses and dresses Buttons for clothing; Embroidered badges for clothing; Cloth patches for clothing Playing cards Retail sale services and online retail services for LP records, compact discs containing music, digital music, music videos, concerts, television shows, movies and video clips, DVDs containing recordings of television shows, movies and video clips, posters Providing streaming audio and video such as music, movies, television shows, music videos, news, concerts, and video clips via the internet Entertainment services, namely live musical performances; Entertainment services, namely providing non-downloadable playback of music and music videos via the internet; Entertainment services, namely streaming of non-downloadable live musical performances;

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Dec 15, 2021

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1125297 B.C. Ltd. 20th Floor, 250 Howe Street Vancouver, BC CA V6C3R8

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Tara Reedy Sliva

Tara Reedy Sliva

Tara Reedy Sliva

Tara Reedy Sliva

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